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About Stephany 



  •  Certified Holistic Health coach Institute For Integrative Nutrition 

Healthy cooking, protocol for chronic illness, counseling, spiritual assistance and counseling

  • R

    eiki master                                       Intuitive energy healing,  angelic and cosmic assistance 

  • Certified M

    assage therapist             Educating Hands School Of Massage      Prenatal massage, holistic body work and integration

  • sound healing therapist                     high vibrational tools and instruments 

Hello Goddess! 
That's right! You are a Goddess, I am simply here to remind you of your own magic, your power and give you the tools to re-connect , recalibrate with your higher self, that is THE you that is completely aligned, completely connected and enlightened. She knows exactly what you are craving, exactly what you are here for, she is waiting to be you your DOCTOR, YOUR PSYCHIC, she is the only hero waiting to "save" you. ARE YOU READY TO EMBODY HER? 
For over a decade I have been working with women just like you , women who are ready to shift their lives, who are ready to live a life they are passionate about. 
I am a holistic health coach, graduated from the worlds largest nutrition school. I have been using my expertise as a coach and wisdom in medicinal foods as a raw vegan chef, combined with my gift as an intuitive energy healer and body worker, to go deep within the roots of where our limitation began, from there we are able to cut the energetic cord and instead of continuing to repress, we transmute this energy and begin to shift our life. Using the power of food, herbs, oils, tinctures, energy healing, DNA activation, and many tools the angelic realm has gifted me to assist you in raising your vibration and create that life you have been waiting for. 
YOU ARE SO WORTHY, SO DESERVING. I infuse your being now with love, light, health, joy and harmony. I love you so much sisters. Blessings to you now and always.